A breakthrough in SARS-CoV-2 personal protection

How Nanowave Air Works

The Covid-19 virus can remain in the air

CDC studies confirm that Covid-19 aerosolized virus droplets can remain suspended in the air over long distances and for hours.

Groundbreaking ultra-intense UV-C radiation

Specialized UV-C inactivates the Covid-19 virus in milliseconds as well as other viruses and bacteria

Inactivates the Covid-19 virus up to 300 liters per minute

Nanowave Air can move air over 10 feet away

Use to inactivate the Covid-19 virus in the air around you

By facing a Nanowave Air downwards towards a person, inactivated air is provided to the person and the downward airflow from the person may push exhaled contaminants towards the floor

UV-C shielded and easy to use

No UV-C leaves the device so no UV-C will touch your skin. Select from three different air speeds (100 LPM, 200 LPM, and 300 LPM)

Small, light, portable

Take it with you, wherever you go

Technology tested at multiple NIH-Affiliated biocontainment labs

The Covid-19 virus is ~80-120nm long, smaller than the pores in most mechanical filters. Where filters try to capture and store pathogens, Nanowave Air inactivates the Covid-19 virus in just a few milliseconds. In comparison, traditional UV devices are weak and focused on long-duration inactivation of nearby surfaces.

How to Use

Nanowave Air is Portable

For the dental office

For the home

For the hotel

For the bathroom

For the classroom

For the meeting room

For the small business

For the office building

For senior living

For the restaurant

For the movie studio

For the locker room

Tested against the Covid-19 virus

Nanowave technology has been successfully tested against SARS-CoV-2 at multiple labs in the NIAID Biodefence Laboratory Network. Tested devices exceeded maximum airflow speeds of the labs and the virus detection capability of those tests.

  • • Tested at the Galveston National Laboratory (a National Laboratory in the NIAID Biodefense Laboratory Network)1: Letter 1. Letter 2.

  • • Tested at Colorado State University (a Regional Laboratory in the NIAID Biodefense Laboratory Network)1: Letter 1.

  • • Nanowave technology was also tested with ΦX174 bacteriophage, a 50 nanometer DNA virus, at 30 LPM which is a standard test for mechanical filters at Nelson Labs, where it achieved an average inactivation of 99.99907%. Nanowave technology was also tested at Nelson Labs at 150 LPM against the same bacteriophage and achieved 99.6%1: Letter 1. Letter 2.

  • • Nanowave technology was also tested with Staphylococcus aureus, a bacteria, at 150 LPM at Nelson Labs, where it achieved an average inactivation of 99.9977%1: Letter 1.

  • • Multiple third-party experts verified the performance of the Nanowave Air. An example of a third-party verification can be found here: Letter 1.

What top experts have to say

“I believe Dynamics has created one of the first viable tools for inactivating the Covid-19 virus. The performance of the device, as measured at major US laboratories, is impressive. What is remarkable is that Dynamics modified some of their unique know-how in flexible microelectronic techniques and merged these with emerging UV-C light technologies to produce intensities sufficient to inactivate the virus.” – Elias Towe, Ph.D., Professor of Materials Science and Engineering & Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University

“I led the testing of the Nanowave device against SARS-CoV-2 in our Biosafety Level 3 laboratory. The Nanowave device inactivated at the maximum airflow of our aerosol system and detection limits of our test.” – William S. Lawrence, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Microbiology & Immunology, Director, Aerobiology Service Center, University of Texas Medical Branch

“In just a few months, Dynamics, Inc. has developed an important tool shown to inactivate aerosolized SARS-CoV-2 (WA0-1 isolate) under lab conditions. From hospital to home, the Dynamics breakthrough technology has the potential to be an important tool as part of a plan to protect against Covid-19.” – Adam Seiver, MD, Ph.D., Medical Leader, Hospital Respiratory Care, Philips Healthcare

What users have to say

“My daughter tested positive for Covid-19 and we put a Nanowave Air in her room and another in my room. Impressive technology.” – John, Maryland

“We got a Nanowave Air for the coffee shop after reviewing the very impressive independent testing results. In these tough times, it’s not easy for our business to invest in new equipment but the Nanowave is both cost-efficient and very easy to implement. The peace of mind it provides to our staff and, more importantly, our guests, is priceless. And it’s great that it’s home-grown technology, made right here in Pittsburgh.” – Arriviste Coffee Bar, Pennsylvania

“We know that masking is one of the primary precautions in terms of helping to deter the spread of the virus by asymptomatic persons. So in an abundance of caution, we decided to use the Nanowave devices in the breakrooms, since it’s the one area where masking cannot be 100% of the time. The portability of these devices is also an attractive feature for us since we can move these to other geographies in our Network or different areas within a community based on changing needs and priorities” – Presbyterian SeniorCare Network


Dynamics Nanowave Air has received the following certifications:

Technical Information

1The technology behind the Nanowave Air was tested, not the Nanowave Air itself and the tests were performed at different airflow and power settings than the airflow and power settings in the Nanowave Air device. The studies, however, were used to determine the Nanowave Air performance and this performance was verified by multiple third parties based on the data from the studies. The Covid-19 virus and the Nanowave technology is new and Dynamics currently intends to continue to perform studies with the Nanowave Technology against the Covid-19 virus. Additionally, Dynamics is utilizing and relying on third party materials, such as third party UV-C materials, and is relying on performance attributes from these third party material supplier. New studies may improve the understanding of the Nanowave technology against the Covid-19 virus and the performance data of Nanowave Air may change if new understandings are properly verified.


2Inactivation of a virus is a process where the RNA or DNA of a pathogen is damaged so it can no longer replicate. These devices are intended to inactivate SARS-CoV-2, the Covid-19 virus, and no claim is being made to stop any individual from getting Covid-19.


3Inactivation rates will vary based on relative humidity and altitude. Hours based on a 55% relative humidity and inactivation ranges cover relative humidity between 30% and 55% and the degradation of UV-C light sources over time, assuming mean performance of light sources. Hours based on device operating continuously at a given speed. If multiple speeds are utilized the device lifespan will change based on the duration the device is operated in each speed.


4Nanowave Air may treat a particular amount of air over a particular amount of time. Nanowave Air may move air differently in different environments and at different speeds. Users need to determine themselves how to deploy the Nanowave Air for a particular space.


5Subject to change.